Sunday, November 1, 2009

Satin Eclipse Winners

Congratulations to all Satine Eclipse Winners! It was a fun filled day of cosplay and fashion! Can't wait for the next Cosplay Event! Distribution of Event giveaways for those who registered will be announced soon.

Male Cosplayer:
1. Paul Andrew Uy
2. Victor Tiu

Female Cosplayer:
1.Denzel Ang
2. Marie Angeli Paz

Group Cosplayer:
1.Shinobi Group
- Bryan Varron
- Rayland Duart
- Iris Lapaz
- Eunice Enrera
-Leandro Pelenio
- Julian Thomas Santos
- Jessa Kaebelros
- Ruayara Roda
-Chad Humprey Merin

2. Misa Group
- Madeleine Real
- Elisa Christian Ang

Special Awards:
ABS-CBN’s Pick : Jaime Jamandre
CDP’s Favorite : Jamielyn Yu
CBS’ Choice : Julian Thomas Santos
CANE’s Favorite : Paulina Nicole Suarez


  1. Congratulations Doyz.. Congrats CANE.. Sorry I wasnt able to attend.. Im beating deadlines for my grades and team coaching on the side.. Again, congrats..

  2. @Ethelbert - it's okay atty! sa sunod event hope u will be able to come!

  3. lingaw au...cute ang mga cosplayers.. hot!

  4. @Mccoolot - nyahahha. Hot gyud Bai Jorich? nyahehe

  5. hahah! ataka aning Jorich man gyud.. mao d ai ka ato ha! heheheh

  6. Congrats Doyz! Congrats sad to CANE! Super nice au ang event! Saw the raw video coverage in abscbn studio earlier. It was ONE BIG ANIME PARTY! Haha. Very very nice. High end kaau ang mga costumes and cosplayers! Haha.

    Also LOL @ Jorich sa HOT cosplayers. Haha. Sakto man sad. Hahaha Congrats again Doyz!

  7. saw the event, very nice. Just wonderin', what was the name of that cosplayer dressed like a firefighter? I believe she was one of the winners.

  8. @Mcbilly - thanks Bill! sunod kung di naka busy apil sa fashion show ha! hehe

  9. @Anonymous - She was ABS CBN's Pick. Her name is Jaime Jamandre. : )

  10. Wwaaah! You murdered my name! Nyahaha! It's actually Mary Angeli Bas XD Please alter it. Pretty please. :P Thanks in advance ^_^