Friday, August 28, 2009

Formo Turns 4!

August 21, 2009. The 2nd day of Formo's 4th year anniversary. In line with the anniversary are 4 nights(6pm-10pm) of open bar and launching of 4 new flavors of Mojitos!

Pao was already taking shots of the potato chip muncher when I arrived. I dipped in the photo session and then ate and devoured the FREE and now cold potato chips! LOL.

Ron came in late as usual, but he still was able to enjoy the open bar promo! on the other hand, Onyot, hustler as he is, came in very late as expected and have to buy his drinks because open bar just ended when he arrived! booohooo!

We departy early at around 12am and went to Yellow Cab for some midnight munchies!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

KWK iLearners Edition!

August 22, 2009. It was our scheduled taping for ABS CBN's Kapamilya Winner Ka! iLearners' Special Edition. 41 iLearners volunteered to play to raise funds for the fight against rural illiteracy! And to all ur friends who cheered and went to the studio to support iLearners, thank you so much!

Below is the list of 41 iLearners volunteers who helped raise a total of 30,000php (weekly round and monthly round) for the fight against rural illiteracy!


1. Andrew Buenaviaje

2. Marilou Amistad

3. Christine Companes

4. Pio Enad

5. Arvin Orimaco

6. Giselle Gillera

7. Imee Cuering

8. Randy Verano

9. Zenair Jay Caintic

10. Shariza Signe

11. Jhade Reullosa

12. Ericson Jusa

13. Jeizza Puyan

14. Kia Reyes

15. Fritz Nasecampo

16. Fabilao Ligaya

17. Gemma Dublin

18. Marah Sarah Suarez

19.Carmela Limpiado

20. Gypsy Arquio

21. Felyn Cableno

22. Salem Istaloza

23. Renelyn Arciaga

24. Jackielyn Boaquina

25. Jasmine Bagayas

26. Ricky dela Cruz

27. Altaire Espanola

28. Altaire Espanola

29. Dorret Otadoy

30. Zaira Montas

31. Queenie Gargar

32. Evita Balinos Sylvi

33. Laarni Flor Plaza

34. Eric Formentera

35. Mydel Sanchez

36. Kenneth Agreda

37. Blithe Tabudlong

38. Kitt B. Torres

39. Raffy Rigor

40. Cynthia Servande

41. Chai Rico

The money won would be used to buy school supplies and books for students of Lunas Elementary School and Lupa Day Care Center both in Carcar.

Congratulations to Zai for winning the weekly round!

KWK iLearners Edition will be aired on ABS CBN Channel 2 on Sept. 5, 2009!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kimmy Dora Press Con!

August 23, 2009. Spring Films' incipient film "Kimmy Dora: Kambal Sa Kiyeme" had a press conference at Castle Peak Hotel Mabolo Cebu City. "Kimmy Dora: Kambal Sa Kiyeme" stars the 38 year old and naturally funny Ms. Eugene Domingo, the newest goddess of comedy.

Bb. Joyce Bernal's first choice to play Kimmy Dora was for real Ms. Eugene Domingo. Talented as Eugene is, both Director Joyce Bernal and Producer Piolo Pascual were confident that Eugene Domingo can pull it off both as Kimmy & Dora!

Direk Joyce Bernal also shared to the press how hands on and dedicated Piolo Pascual is about this project as a producer. Eugene being close to both Ms. Bernal and Mr. Pascual is doing her best to portray the characters and Eugene is very thankful to both the producer and director for the big break!

Eugene Domingo also admitted that she does not act like a Diva because she knows that eveyone on the production team are doing their hardest and it's such a waste of time if you you'd act like a diva. Life's short so be happy and free.

"What is your favorite food?" That was my question for Ms. Eugene Domingo. She loves Dimsum! weee. Now typing that made me crave for some Spring Rolls and Mushroom Siomai! hehe

Piolo Pascual, the super producer, shares the same love for Nilagang Baka with "Kimmy/Dora" Eugene. Piolo Pascual was happy with the outcome of the project and has no regrets with the casting for Kimmy Dora!

Star Patroller Kara Noveda interviewing Mr. Piolo Pascual!

Of course, I wouldn't miss an autograph signing opportunity. hehehe.

Photo Sessions! weeeeeeeeee . And am sooo Oranges and Lemons , that when I stand next to
Piolo Pascual for a photo, my cam exhausted itself with backlog pics! haha! But yeah, pics of me with Ms. Eugene Domingo and Ms. Joyce Bernal. ; )


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

iLearners Inc.'s Ocular Inspection

August 17, 2009. Greg, Shake, Pao and I were off to Sibonga to visit Libo Primary School, which was suggested by Melchor of ABS CBN, in search for iLearner's 2nd adopted school.

Sibonga is about 2 hours drive from Cebu City. We arrived at Sibonga Municipality at around 4:30pm and asked for directions for Libo Elementary School. And people we ask would say "Adto pa na sa unahan.. Layo pa! (It's still Far)" pointing at the top of the mountain. I gulped on a large amount of saliva since it was getting dark and the road up the mountain has no lights. So I continued driving, listening to Gabe Bondoc, David Choi, Super Juniors and Wonder Girls Tracks on a CD Edd burnt a few days back.

After a long, bumpy, wet and muddy drive up the mountain, we arrived at Libo Primary Schoool! Weeeee! The air was cool up there! grrrrr.

When we went down to do the ocular, first thing we noticed was the colorful facade of the school. We also checked the classrooms where the chairs were arranged, floor polished very well and school books were updated! Good for the students!

Next school ocular inspection? iLearners will visit the public schools in Busay!
And before we leave the gates of Libo Elementary School, this dog kept barking on us! weeeee!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Edd's 23rd Burpday!

August 16, 2009. We had a costume Party at Tara's Cafe I.T. Park to celebrate Edd's Burpday! Had a blast! Happy Burpday Eddu kun!

Happy Couple Anne & Geof

Lenard as Mr. Incredible

Tonton as Harry Potter

Lexine as Sleeping Beauty
Edd, Eloise, Lexine, Shake and Greg
Shake as the Toto-ing hangaroo!
ching & Friends
X as the devilish princess!
Atty. Rheia, Olga, Ruby Jean and Chai

Chai, Doyzkie, Choi, Mica, Ygie, Pao, Geof, Ann
Mommy Mica and Daddy Ygie
Edd & Eloise