Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Birthday iLearners Inc.

It now has been 2 years since we adopted our first rural educational institution; Lunas Elementary School. Saving their school from closing due to lack of students enrolling because of poverty (parents would prefer their kids to sell candles on churches to put food on the table), my friends and I had decided to continue helping Lunas; putting up a mini library, painting their walls and setting up a media station on one of the rooms in the school are a few projects we have already done for Lunas. 2009 had been a good year for iLearners, now with 4 schools( Lunas Elementary School, Lunas Day Care, Kaluangan Elementary School and Saksak Day Care) adopted and more than 200 adopted students in the rural baranggays of Cebu, we have now reached out to more of our fellow Cebuanos who had been deprived of their chance for a brighter future.

iLearners Inc. on it's 2nd year had a blast at Jollibee Ayala celebrating its birthday inauguration with fellow iLearners! Played games and danced with Jollibee and Hetty! LOL. iLearners Inc is where helping is fun!

For more info on iLearners Inc, please visit our multiply site: iLearners Inc.
You can also contact me at 0922800DREW (3739) for more info or email us at

Monday, December 14, 2009

iLearners invade the Big City

iLearners Inc. had joined Ms Cebu 2010 Candidates on their Christmas Party which we gave gifts and fed over 100 street kids of Metro Cebu. iLearners Greg, Edd, X, Ethelbert, Rabsin, Ericson, Gregory, Anthony, Jhade and I were there to help.

More power to the Cebu! Congratulations to Ms. Cebu Foundation and iLearners Inc. for a successful event! And watch Ms. Cebu 2010 Pre pageant Night on the 8th of January and coronation Night on the 12th of January which would also be live over Studio 23 and streaming on the Ms. Cebu Foundation Website!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Starbucks' Night of Music

First time Starbucks Cebu hosted a music night, it was a night full of fun and flowing drinks and pastries. It was held at Starbucks I.T Park Branch december 11, 2009. With baristas from different Starbucks branches in Cebu, you'd be able to interact and know your friendly Starbucks Baristas!

"Serendipity" one of Cebu's popular bands played for more than 2 hours for Starbucks patrons! Next Starbucks Event will be on the 22nd of December! See you guys!

Got Starbucks?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

iLearners' Brighter Future for Kaluangan

It was sunny Sunday as my friends and I assemble at Starbucks Ayala. Waiting for other members to arrive, I had time to know new iLearn volunteers over a Grande Toffee Nut Frap. With barely an hour sleep packing school supplies with Greg and Shake, I drove up to Transcentral Highway to the Municipality of Asturias. It was November 15, 2009, we turned off the AC and opened the windows and felt the fresh mountain breeze with our hands. There were less cars on the road, thanks to Pacquiao and Cotto Match!

After a 90minute drive, we finally arrived at Asturias! The dump truck we borrowed from Aturias Vice Mayor Joel Dumdum was waiting for us there to transport 100 grocery packs and school supplies to Kaluangan.

iLearners' mission to eliminate rural illiteracy may be impossible but if all of us would try and help, at least there's progress. Instead of ranting about our nation's problems, why don't we do something about it?

iLearners officers and board of trustees would like to thank all the volunteers and sponsors who continuously supports the group's cause! And "Brighter Future for Kaluangan" was a result of the prize we won at ABS CBN's Kapamilya Winner Ka Gameshow wherein we raised 30,000php for iLearners' Cause! Thank you so much to ABS CBN! Inline with that, we handed a Certificate of Appreciation to Dra. Christine Fernandez, one of the hosts of the gameshow. Grocery packs were donations by our members and volunteers.

In behalf of iLearners Inc., I would like to thank everyone who helped, donated and took part in every iLearners Activity! You guys give the kids from rural Cebu a chance for a better tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Starbucks 2010 Planner Promo

Just completed the Starbucks Sticker Card and redeemed my 2010 Starbucks Planner! weeeee

To get the free Starbucks planner, one needs 9 Starbucks Holiday Featured Beverage Stickers by ordering hot, iced or Frappuccino DARK CHERRY MOCHA, TOFFEE NUT LATTE AND PEPPERMINT MOCHA and 8 Starbucks Beverage Sticker. Ordering bottled water, fruit juices and bottled beverage will not get you a sticker. That's a total of 17 stickers!

I chose to get the coffee grinder design with a shiny rough texture since most of my friends are getting the velvety coffee bean design. hehehe. Unlike before, the planner does not have a pen included but there are 6 different coupons inserted at the last page of the planner.

For me, 2010 Starbucks planner is better than this year's planner. Though the writing pages of the 2010 planner is vertical and does not have horizontal lines as guide when you write, design wise, it's way better than the ordinary cover of this year's(2009) planner.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Brighter Future for Kaluangan

iLearners hope to eliminate rural illiteracy is a great challenge! This November 15, 2009, iLearners would be giving out school supplies to 100 students of Kaluangan Elementary School in Asturias Cebu for iLearners Program "Brighter Future for Kaluangan". Notebooks, papers, pencils, crayons and other school necessities will be given to each student to aid them in their learning process.

One of our goals set for Kaluangan Elementary School is to build a mini Reference Library like we had build for our fist adopted School Lunas Elementary School. We will be needing encyclopedia sets, elementary reference books, Visual Aids and learning flash cards.

We are also raising funds for our Blackboard Drive and 100 Grocery packs for "Kaluangan Crhistmas Joys" which would also happen on the same day, November 15, 2009.

Listed below are the things we need for the "iLearners' Christmas Joy Program" for 200 students(100 students in Kaluangan Elementary School in Asturias Cebu and 100 students for Lunas Elementary School in Carcar Cebu) Items in red means it has already been donated.

50 Kilos of Rice donated by NC
50 Kilos of Rice donated by Greg Limpin
50 Kilos of Rice donated by Catherine Aya-ay
50 Kilos of Rice donated by Chai Rico
100 Packs of Misua donated by Mica Astillero and Ygie Aniban
100 Packs of Misua donated by Yezu Neri, Clarice YoungAnd Chivee Menchavez
400 Packs of Noodles(2 packs per family)donated by Anonymous of Singapore
400 Cans of Sardines (2 Packs per Family)
200 Bottles/pack of Soy Sauce
100 Bottles/Pack of Vinegar
100 Bottles/Pack of Vinegar donated by Canddi Dinopol
200 Bottles/Pack of Ketchup
200 Cans of Beefloaf

200 Bars of Bath Soap donated by Anonymous of Singapore
200 Bars of Laundry Soap donated by Anonymous of Singapore
200 Packs of 3-in-1 Shampoos donated by Anonymous of Singapore
(200 Packs of Powdered Laundry Soap)

For School Programs
Dec. 6, 2009 Lunas Elementary School
1. ) 100 Food(Preferably Jollibee) Packs
2. ) toys for prizes
3.) 100 snack packs (Cupcakes and Juice Drinks)
4. ) Candies for prizes

Nov. 5, 2009, Kaluangan Elementary School
1. ) 100 Food(Preferably Jollibee) Packs
2. ) toys for prizes
3.) 100 snack packs (Cupcakes and Juice Drinks)
4. ) Candies for prizes

Luke Quirao- 1000php

We are knocking on everyone's kind hearts to help and be involved in helping our unfortunate brothers and sisters in the rural areas.



Sunday, November 1, 2009

Satin Eclipse Winners

Congratulations to all Satine Eclipse Winners! It was a fun filled day of cosplay and fashion! Can't wait for the next Cosplay Event! Distribution of Event giveaways for those who registered will be announced soon.

Male Cosplayer:
1. Paul Andrew Uy
2. Victor Tiu

Female Cosplayer:
1.Denzel Ang
2. Marie Angeli Paz

Group Cosplayer:
1.Shinobi Group
- Bryan Varron
- Rayland Duart
- Iris Lapaz
- Eunice Enrera
-Leandro Pelenio
- Julian Thomas Santos
- Jessa Kaebelros
- Ruayara Roda
-Chad Humprey Merin

2. Misa Group
- Madeleine Real
- Elisa Christian Ang

Special Awards:
ABS-CBN’s Pick : Jaime Jamandre
CDP’s Favorite : Jamielyn Yu
CBS’ Choice : Julian Thomas Santos
CANE’s Favorite : Paulina Nicole Suarez

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Libera:Angel Voices Live in Cebu

Libera is a group of young and talented boys aged 7-16 years old. At their young age, they have garnered millions of fans around the world touring USA, Japan, South Korea and The Philippines. They also performed at a Papal MAss at the climax of Pope Benedict XVI's first visit to the USA infront of 60,000 people at the New York Yankee Stadium.

These young guys, which came from different schools and different backgrounds, had already appeared on television shows several times and whose music topped mainstream and classical charts and packed concert halls appearing in their flowing white robes.

Libera who had a concert last October 28, 2009 at the Waterfront Hotel Ballroom in Lahug had a fantastic standing ovation after their Finale performance of "Bayan Ko!"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

OC in Training

I got to admit that my office table is a mess. Car keys, card holders and even my wallet get misplaced all the time! Tried being organized many times but eventually I get lazy to be organized. hehe. Now am again on my nth attempt to be organized! With my free POST it OC Sampler Pack, am on my way to being like those neat and organized OC peeps! raaaawr! Claimed my Sampler Pack yesterday, October 27, 2009.

The Free OC Sampler Pack comes with Post it Pop Up Notes and Post it Flags! Get yours by registering at OC Sampler Packs can be claimed at selected National Bookstore Outlets nationwide. Promo ends until supplies last!

Tip: When you receive the e-coupon, call the National Bookstore outlet where you will be claiming the OC Sampler Pack if they still have stocks before printing the coupon.

NBS Branches in Cebu

Ayala Cebu

Second Level, Ayala Center Cebu, Archibishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City


(032) 231-4006, (032) 231-4090
Fax : (032) 231-3858
Store hours: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
Services: Gift Wrapping, Lamination, Photocopying
Email Address:

Mango Cebu
Ground Floor, Mango Plaza, Gen. Maxilom Ave. cor. J. OsmeƱa Street, Cebu City


(032) 255-4832, (032) 255-4644
Fax : (032) 254-7334
Store hours: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday to Saturday; 9:00 am to 7:00 pm Sunday
Services: Lamination, Photocopying, Delivery Service
Email Address:

SM City Cebu
Upper Ground Floor, SM City Cebu, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City


(032) 231-5496, (032) 231-5498
Fax : (032) 231-5497
Store hours: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
Services: Gift Wrapping, Lamination, Photocopying
Email Address:

Monday, October 26, 2009

Satine Eclipse: Dark Fantasy Photo Exhibit

(Note: All Photos on this blog are taken by me, Doyzkie Buenaviaje. To see CDP's photos for the exhibit, visit Satine Eclipse: Dark Fantasy Photo Exhibit at the Parkmall from October 24-31, 2009)

A Photo Exhibit, organized by Cane Events, that features ACRE International and JPNY Couture Dark Creations worn by ABS CBN Stars and models are photographed by Cebu's most celebrated photography club CDP or Cebu Digital Photographers. Excellent Make up by Jessie Glova and his students.

"Satine Eclipse: Dark Fantasy" photo exhibit will run from October 24-31, 2009 featuring photographs of 9 talented members of CDP, Paul Gotiong, Johan Sisno, Neil Dy, Anne Lorainne Uy, Anchela Yap, Jade Saducas, Paul Banday, Gabe Hortelano and Lemuel Reyes.

Each of the photographers had been assigned 1 model to shoot and photographed the models in their assigned characters. Kat Ros of ABS CBN's KWK is Warrior Goddess and was photographed by Johan Sisno.

ABS CBN's Star Patroler Kara Mae Noveda modeled Alice in Wonderland and captured by Paul Gotiong. Fretzie Bercede was photographed by Gabe Hortelano as Queen of Hearts.

Joseph Teves photographed by Jade Saducas played Dark Mousy. Cara Cagulada modeled female Dante of Devil May Cry was phtographed by Anchela Yap.

Cheska Cagulada photographed by Anne Lorainne Uy played the character of Chun Li. Frances Young who played Chibimoon of Sailormoon was photographed by Neil Dy. Sheda Gabusas who played Tinkerbell was shot by Lemuel Reyes. ABS CBN's MBK host Cathy Aya-ay played Erd of AH My Goddess was shot by Paul Banday!

Catch Cane Events and CDP's "Satin Eclipse: Dark Fantasy" Photo Exhibit from October 24-31, 2009 at the Parkmall! And on the 31st of October, it's halloween so dress up in your fave anime costume and let's cosplay away to Parkmall! Also see the photo exhibit come to life during the Fashion show on the 31st of October 4pm at the Parkmall!