Sunday, September 26, 2010

HobCon 2010: Imperia

The Imperia will rise for the biggest gathering of  hobbyists in the Visayas!  Hobbyist all over the nation gather on this epic event for a week long celebration of hobbies from Cosplay, Photography, Comic Arts, Blogging and even Charity work at Ayala Center Cebu from October 3-10. 2010.

HOBCON 2010 Imperia Activities:
Hobcon 2010 Photo Exhibit will run from October 3 -9, 2010 at Ayala Active Zone and Cosplaying and Young Designers' Fashion show will be at Ayala Activity Center on October 10, 2010. Cash Prizes awaits winners of both the cosplay and fashion competition. 

Cosplay Registration starts at 10am.



Watch the teaser video for Hobcon 2010: Imperia! 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mr. Gadgeteer needs an Intel i5!

September 9, 2010. It was a sunny Thursday and for those who don't know me, FYI I rarely go out when the sun is still up (am a vampire, sssshhhh)! haha. I was invited to a seminar about choosing the Right PC! The topic instantly made me interested because my lappy(Laptop) and I are like bestfriends! But a busy person like me ,I often open multiple applications from Photoshop to MS office applications and not to mention, social networking sites and my recent game installation StarCraft 2 all at the same time. And most of the times waiting can be frustrating!

I definitely am a Gadgeteer and I need a processor that would cope up with my busy lifestyle! As a photographer/Newspaper & Magazine writer/businessman/blogger I need a processor that gives me the capacity to multitask at top speed and allow me to run multiple application without freezing and I think i5 can do the job for me! Well I better save up now so when Intel i5 is available on Laptops I'd be able to grab one! The talk also cleared out some myths about PCs. Like for Photoshop users, you don't need a video card for that since you'd not be dealing on videos, but instead invest on the good processor!

CBS Members who went to the Choosing the Right PC Workshop!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Red Box Cebu

Red Box had recently launched in Cebu and I, together with CBS and print media friends, got a glimpse of what they had to offer during the RSVP event last September 2, 2010. The chic and modern design of Red Box is not like any other Karaoke bars in Cebu, spacious and not to mention they have a pool table and a poker table.

They also offer a unique billing. They bill per head and not by the hour. So better be in a singing or chilling mood when you go to Red Box to get your money's worth! Red Box offers 299php package with lunch buffet from 12noon -3pm. 199php for 3pm-7pm with free drink and 299php from 7pm up!

Red Box is located at the Terraces  Ayaala Center Cebu below Bread Talk!


Thanks to Jaja Chiongbian-Rama and April Rama of BigSeed Media for the invites!

                                                     Cebu Bloggers' Society

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Sole Happy!
Jandrick’s Fushu Breakthrough.

Text by Andrew “Doyzkie” Buenaviaje
Photos by: Doyzkie Buenaviaje & Nike Cagulada

NOTE: This is part of an Article published over Cebu Daily News last September 5, 2010. Below is my part of the interview with young entrepreneur Jandrick Climaco.

With talent and charisma on his pocket, 25 year old Jandrick “Jumbo” Bernaldez Climaco had gotten Filipino soles prancing with his hip and young shoe creation, Fushu! Jumbo graduated Graphic Arts at 1st Academy of Graphic Arts in Makati, but his innate creativity he inherited from his fashion designer mom, Joy Bernaldez.  As most of the youth his age would go clubbing and drinking, his vigor to succeed is what sets him apart his generation. In the cutthroat cosmos of fashion, he made sure that he gives his customers what they want and what they need when it comes to shoe business; stylish, comfortable, simple and quality shoes!

How long did it take for you to plan out your shoe business?
It took me one year of planning and searching for the style and quality before I started out my business.

Why shoe designing? Who influenced or inspired you to do shoe designing?
I never really thought about the business as a shoe designing job. I just wanted to sell easy shoes. I happened to know what I want and had an idea of how to go about it -- from the look, style, comfort, print, etc.

Why did you name it Fushu? What does Fushu mean?
Fushu means kung-fu shoes or funky shoes. if you notice, it is an upgraded style of the comfortable kung fu shoes but a lot sleeker and funkier.

Did you go on a formal training in shoe designing?
I never had formal training in shoe designing or shoe making. But I had help from the people already in the industry.

What’s next for Fushu? Any new and upcoming lines?
All that is still in the drawing board. we recently came out with smaller sizes for ladies after there was a lot of clamor from the girlfriends of our male clients. But the ladies prints mostly follow the men's prints. 

 What do you think makes Fushu stand among other shoe brands? What’s Fushu’s edge?
Fushu’s edge is it being within the budget and stylishly easy at the same time.

What’s your favorite Fushu pair and why?
The blue and teal Fushu stripes, the red... But it depends on what i am wearing. they are actually designed to match one's outfits. Now we don't have to limit ourselves to just basic and neutral colors. we can step out of the house with vibrant stripes.


How do you feel when you’re walking around the mall and seeing people wearing your Fushu shoes?
I feel really good watching people wear them. One time i was in a store at the mall with a friend and someone came up to me to ask where I got my shoes. A lot of our customers have also had the same experience. They were stalked and stopped. It feels really good when people like what you’re doing.


What’s the biggest challenge you encountered during the planning and executing of your shoe business? 
In the beginning, it was achieving the shoe form. recently it's the production. since it is made locally, we are affected by the limited resources. but we are promptly solving that area.

What do you do on your spare time? What’s your idea of fun? Hobbies?
I hang out with friends when there are events but i haven't been out much lately. once in a while, it's just coffee or lunch with one or two friends. I'm actually a bit of a geek. I can stay home and watch anime the whole Sunday or play Starcraft2 with my friends or my brother overseas.

Fushu Shoe Store is located at Joy Bernaldez Building Escario St. Cebu City! 

Record Breaker: The Sarah Geronimo Interview

Sarah G. Interview
Interview by Andrew “Doyzkie” Buenaviaje
Photos by: Andrew “Doyzkie” Buenaviaje

Sarah Geronimo had gone a long way! She just did world tour  concert  including Canda and the US and is now completing her Philippine tour. When she visited Cebu, I had a chance to interview her at the airport and after the concert. So read on and know Sarah G. a bit more!

How many costume change did you have on your Record Breaker Concert in Cebu? Who are the designers involved?
Sa Cebu’s Record Breaker Concert, probably mga 4 costume changes. Some designers involved sa wardrobe ko are Rajo Laurel and Rhett Eala.

How did you celebrate your birthday?
Nasa bahay lang ako the whole day. My family and I shared a quiet. All the gifts I received are special and I would like to thank all my friends and family for loving me and supporting me always, both sa career and my personal life.

How involved are you now in the decision making of your projects?
“Yes. Mas involved na po ako sa mga projects na ginagawa ko. I talk to my manager if may concerns ako. Kapag may hesitations ako about a project, vino-voice out ko na.

What are the things you miss?
“Gusto ko sana magbakasyon. Yung maka-bonding ko yung friends ko sa high school at mga kapatid ko at mag-camping.”The last time ako nagbakasyon is when nagtour kami sa U.S., for a week. Sobra namimiss ko mga friends ko sa highschool. Namimiss ko syempre yung hangouts, kulitan, tawanan. Last time ko nakita highschool friends ko last year pa, but I saw two of my highschool friends sa premier ng Hating Kapatid but wala kaming chance makapagusap dahil maraming tao.

What are your favorite Cebuano foods/delicacies?
I love danggit! And Uo yung spicy Cebu Lechon! Nilibre ako ni Kuya Luis (Manzano).

How do you feel that Matteo Guidacelli admitted his admiration for you?
Haha! No comment na lang. Sabi ko nga, wala namang masamang mag-admire kasi ako rin naman hinahangaan ko din si Matteo dahil gwapo at magaling na car racer. So wala naman sigurong masama dun.
What’s your message to the Cebuanos?
Sana nanood at nagenjoy yung mga Cebuanos sa Record Breaker Concert ko sa Waterfront together with Charlie Green, Erick Santos, Jimmy Marquez and the G-force dancers. At sana din nanuod din sila ng movie ko with Ate Judee Ann na Hating Kapatid. Nagpapasalamt din ako sa support ng lahat ng Cebuano fans.

What are the other legs of your tour?
Record Breaker Concert will also be at Island Cove, Cavite on August 20 and the Arellano Coliseum in Cabanatuan on August 27. My other shows will be on September 3 at Ormoc; September 17 at Lipa, Batangas; September 13 at Zamboanga City; October 1 in Bataan and October 8 in Bacolod.

 Sarah G and Doyzkie!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Italian Brand Liu Jo opens in Cebu

Italian Brand Liu Jo opens in Cebu
Text by: Andrew “Doyzkie” Buenaviaje
Photos by: Doyzkie & Nike Cagulada


An immensely feminine and glamorous line specifically focused on elements and details, Lui Jo opens its first boutique shop in the Philippines at Ayala Center Cebu. Liu Jo features clothes with modern & global look, self-confident and illustrates the evolution of an artistic code increasingly focused on the full range of stylish living contexts

So what does Liu Jo mean? Liu Jo means progressing Italian style, marking the pace of time and moving fashion, it is a purely feminine and seductive image, a symbol of a product and lifestyle brand addressing the future, albeit loyal to its authentic tradition.

Thursday, August 26, 2010, Liu Jo unveiled their first collection to the Cebuanos with live models from AD Modeling Agency. The first boutique collection showcases designs that are results of handicrafts to experimental research that leads to a full transversal clothing line in which all components interact to develop the style and identity of Liu Jo women. Each item is unique, clearly identified and at the same time is open to combinations, matches and imaginative overlaps.


Debutantes at Marco Polo

Young princesses look forward to this celebration, the day that they transform themselves to  young ladies! Debutantes would want everything perfect, specially their dresses! Marco Polo Cebu featured designers from Fashion Council of Cebu to dress Cebu's elite princesses escorted by models from MAC models.

Designers from Fashion Council included in the Debutantes Fashion show are Arcy Gayatin, OJ Hofer and more. Escorts looked dashing on Philip Rodriguez. This surely was a memorable event not just for the young princesses but also for me for I was included in the fashion show. My first time to do ramp. :)

Doyzkie with young lady Izza Ugarte.

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