Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Enjoy Card Launch!

Cebu now can enjoy big discounts, savings and lotsa freebies by subscribing to Enjoy Card-  lifestyle discount card! Whether you love dining, clubbing or traveling, Enjoy Card is so right for you !

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 marks the launch of Enjoy Card in Cebu at Maya Mexican Restaurant at Crossroads Banilad. The event was attended by Cebu VIPs and the media.

Traditional print Media, Cebu Bloggers together with authors of had a glimpse and had experience ENJOY Card!

Cebu VIPS together with authors of partied it out at Maya Restaurant!

Big Thanks to A-list Events! To Cybill, Kaye and Mikey, Thanks so much!

For more details about ENJOY CARD, Click HERE!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

11th San Miguel Beer Drinking Contest!

On the 11th year of staging the most prestigious beer drinking contest in the country, more than 2 Million Pesos worth of cash and San Miguel Beer promotional items await the winning teams. it kicks off with the media edition (Cebu City Media Edition was held last August 10, 2010 at You Bar Parkmall), followed by San Miguel - wide employee version. The National Beer Drinking Contest will culminate with the staging of the Consumer Edition late this year that engages at least 300,000 beer drinkers annually. Try outs are ongoing until October 31, 2010. For more details, call 02-632-BEER(2337) or text 0922632-BEER(2337). 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Race to Reduce Challenge 2010!

Running events had been frequent in Cebu lately. Almost every weekend there is a run, which is good for now Cebu had been health conscious. Race to Reduce Challenge 2010 is a fund raiser for Aboitiz Foundation to support their projects like help raise environmental awareness and saving street children. Aside from the run, photographers can also participate in the photo contest. Prizes also await lucky runners in the raffle!

Race to Reduce Challenge 2010 Registration Details:
21K      - 450php with chips
10K     -350php with chips
3K/5K -250php
            - 300php Late Registrants

Late registration is from August 15-19, 2010 (for 5K and 3K only)

Submission of forms can be done at Columbia SM, Casa Illonga and Runnr Ayala!

Distribution of Singlets will be at the Persimmon Plus, Mabolo on August 16-21, 2010.

Aboitiz's Race to Reduce Challenge 2010 will be on August 22, 2010. Assembly Point is at Sugbu South Reclamation Project, 4AM. Race starts at 5AM!

Running in the race includes Simon Green who had bagged 
medals in running events in Cebu!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Charlie Green: Little Big Man!

Note: Interview with Charlie Green was published  on Cebu Daily News on August 8, 2010 under PLAY!
Text By Andrew “Doyzkie” Buenaviaje
Photos by: Doyzkie and Edd Buenaviaje
Thanks to our Editors: Ms. Mimi and Niza, Mr. Tonyson of 3some Productions and  Ayala Center Cebu


Born to proud parents English dad Roger Green and Cebuana mom Cecilia Sumargo, Charlie Green is back retracing his Cebuano roots! Charlie Green serenaded his fellow Cebuanos, national and international guests in his two part performance wowing a jam-packed Waterfront Ballroom as special guest to Philippine Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo and melting the hearts of Ayala Center Cebu mall goers the next day. The 13 year old singing sensation who got a big break after appearing in 2008 on UK’s biggest reality talent show “Britain’s Got Talent” had been touring the world together with Sarah Geronimo, Erick Santos and Jimmy Marquez, winning the hearts of fans around the globe with his standard and jazz ballads. Let’s get to know more our kababayan, Charlie Sumargo Green !

At a young age of 10 (going to 11), how did you handle the pressure on the reality show “Britain’s Got Talent”?
I wouldn’t say it was pressure; I got to say it’s on how I handled my nerves. Appearing in England’s biggest show is a big thing and it was the only time I got so nervous because of the judges and Simon Cowell. It was on “British Got Talent” that I got the feel of being so nervous because when I was younger when I perform, I don’t get so nervous.

What was your role in the movie “Waiting in Rhyme” and tell us about the experience?
I played a British schoolboy in ‘Waiting in Rhyme.” It was cool because I get to play the beatbox and did my performance in rap. It may sound easy but I could do a lot more! It was 2008 and it was my debut in acting. It was a great experience because the whole dialogue consisted of poems and made in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Would love to pursue a career in acting and probably would also concentrate on that in a couple of years.

You had a song to raised funds and awareness on Muscular Dystrophy is it still on going? Any charitable works that your currently involved in?
Way back in 2007, “Hands Around the World” was produced for me to raise funds and awareness on muscular Dystrophy. My friend has muscle dystrophy that’s why I decided to help. Gladly it topped the iTunes chart during the holidays(2007). “Hand’s Around Me” is also featured on my Debut album “Charlie Green”. The project was only for that period of time and am happy I was able to help. I always keep myself involved in charity projects. I just did an orphanage visit for UNTV a few weeks ago. I took a lot of pinches that day (lauging)!

Are you used to people kissing and pinching you on the cheeks?
My first time I got a pinched on my face, I asked my mom why are they doing that. In England it ain’t normal to pinch someone else’s cheeks, it’s strange! But yeah, eventually I got used to people kissing me, hugging me and pinching my cheeks.

When did you started singing?
I love singing. Believe it or not, my first public performance was in a cruise ship when I was 2 years old  where I sang “New York, New York!”

What do you wish to have back home in England that is in Philippines and vice versa?
I would say that I wish in England we have more sunny weather. At the moment in England it’s like 20degrees and here in Cebu, too much sun. In England it’s too cold in Cebu it’s too hot. I also wish we have less traffic in the Philippines. And in England, I wish for more malls, in the Philippines there’s like malls everywhere. Philippines also have more TV shows showcasing talents, like every Sunday we have ASAP and Party Pilipinas, but in England there’s only a few shows like that.

You won 3 “AWIT awards” last January 2010, what where those awards?
I won “Best Performance by a New Male Artist” and “Best Performance by a Child Artiste” for my performance of “Summer Wind” on Britain’s Got Talent and also won the “Best Jazz Recording Award” for my performance of “Mama Said So” by Richard Poon. I wasn’t able to come to the awarding ceremony though and sadly I haven’t gotten the awards yet.

How did you get to love standard music and how do you feel people tagging you as an old soul?
I always love classic and standard music. Though people think I only like standard songs, but I do love and listen to all types of music. I am happy I help people appreciate standard songs. My dad greatly helps and inspires me in my career. I used to watch him on TV when he is away performing standard songs and in my own way, I am glad I help bring back standard songs a little bit more.

Any artist you look up to and inspire you to sing?
I always look up to Michael Jackson and Michael Bubble! I love all kinds of music though because music excites me! From Beyonce to the Queen, they’re all great and inspire me in different ways. I also appreciate songs by Justin Beiber and other pop nad R&B artists and looking forward to do a song from the Pop or R &B genre in the future. My dad of course was a big inspiration to me. His performances influenced me which motivated me to be just like my dad. I love watching my dad on the television.

What do you do with the money you earn?
I basically put them in the bank. I am not a spoiled kid and I do not spend much. I only spend what on what we need. And of course help my family with the money I earn.

Do you understand the Tagalog songs you sing?
Yes I do. I have my coach translate it to English first so I would be able to understand it and put my feelings in to the song. My first single on my latest album is in Tagalog entitled “Pers Lab(First Love)”! I could relate to the song somehow.

What’s your favorite family activity?
I love bowling! And nowadays, families don’t get together and eat together that often, because kids just grab food and go to the XBOX or something. So I love eating with my family and is my favorite family activity, and probably that’s the Filipino trait I got from my mom. I have a half sister (from his mom’s side) who lives in the Philippines and a half brother (from his dad’s side) who travels around. Though I don’t get to see them that much but when we do, we try to catch up with what’s new.

What do you do on your spare time?
 I love sports. I love playing soccer and cricket. I also love watching sports on TV.

You have been traveling around the world, where else do you want to travel?
I have been to the US and Canada. I find Las Vegas very interesting, if you have never been there then you should definitely go there. I also love Rome and Paris! Europe has lots of great places. I never been to many asian countries, so definitely I would love to fly to Japan, Beijing and rest of China’s cities.

What’s next after the Record Breaker World tour with Sarah Geronimo?
We still have a Cagayan de Oro and Cavite leg for the Record Breaker tour. Probably after I’d go back to England for a week or two. Then soon I would be releasing my next single for my new album, so watch out for that! And looking forward in working for my third album. A more contemporary album with more original songs and youthful arrangements.

Doyzkie with Charlie Green!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pearl Talk with Jewelmer!

 Borne from the mysterious depths of the sea, mysterious beauty in one golden orb, Natural Golden South Sea Pearls by Jewelmer.

Jewelmer, the only supplier of Golden pearls in the world, did a talk about how pearls were formed and cultivated. 

What are pearls?
Pearl is an organic gem which means they come from a living organism. Pearls are composed of Nacre, a natural substance produced by mollusks that also coats the inside of the animal's shell.

How are Pearls formed?
Pearls are formed out of the mollusk's response to stimulus. Mollusks forms a sac around any invader. This sac secrets nacre to cover the irritant. 

Natural Pearls are formed in the wild and Cultured Pearls is a result of  human assistance in an otherwise natural process. 

Jewelmer  promises Luster for life! Each South Sea Pearl is composed of thousands of thick, translucent, natural nacre that creates a luster that lasts a lifetime! 

Pearl being the Philippine's National Gem is one of our country's pride and 
Jewelmer had made a commitment of delivering only the best quality pearls 
to the world and the only producer and distributor of natural golden pearls!

Below are some of Jewelmer's very creative and elegant 

SM's Eco Bag Launch

We only have one home planet and  everyone of us should do our share in conserving and helping save our mother earth. August 6, 2010, SM City Cebu simultaneous with all SM Malls in the Philippines launched  SM Eco Bags that helps save and conserve our resources.

SM ECO BAG FLOW. Whenever you buy FLOW Eco Bag, proceeds go to efforts in saving and conserving our water resources.

SM ECO BAG SPARK. Proceeds would go to efforts in helping conserve and produce energy.

SM ECO BAG RENEW. Proceeds go to efforts in recycling.


SM ECO BAG BREATHE. Proceeds would go to efforts in cleaning the Air!

SM ECO Bags are sold for only 35php each! Wouldn't hurt to buy and use these neat and cool Eco Bags and help save our planet!

My Commemorative Havs!

Havaianas at 5!

5 years of creative customization, Havaianas brought out the creativity of every Cebuano through Havaianas create your very own flip flops! Havaianiticos flocked SM City Northwing for MYOH!

Creating your own is easy!

Step 1: Fill out the MYOH Form

2nd Step: Choose your Sole
As for me , I chose the commemorative black sole!

Step 3:  Choose Your Strap
Since I am Power Ranger Red, I chose the red strap! hahaa


Step 4: Choose your pins and letters


Step 5: Pay for your Havs! ;)

Step 6: Enjoy your Havaianas Creation! :)

My Commemorative Havs! 

Havaianas Fans!