Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ai Love Fashion Show & Cosplay

Ai love Cosplay and Fashion Show was held at the Parkmall last February 21, 2010. It was a show of artistry as cosplayers flaunted their talent in reenacting their favorite anime characters and Manila's young designers' Santi Obcena and Ciege Cagalawan owned the runaway with their season's collection. Marvel Comic artist Kathryn Layno also had a weeklong exhibit featuring her sketches!

To all the winners of the Cosplay competition, Congratulations!

Best Male Cosplayer : *Arvee Yap as Majinbuu

Best Female Cosplayer : *Yuki Akai as Suigintou

Best Kiddo Cosplayer : *Zoe Vada Toong as Zatsune

Best Couple Cosplayer :

*Ara Catubigan as Ramen-kun WITH *Kert Tabana as Yakisoba-chan

Best Group Cosplayer: Suzaku no Suzutan

*Arx Roda as Hirami
*Ernest de la Victoria as Genji
*Chad Humprey Merin as Serizawa
*Bryan Varron as Tamahome
*Iris la Paz as Miyaka

CDP's Favorite : Vanilla Chocola

*Cleralyssa Carreon WITH Thea Sanchez

CBS' Choice : *Arvee Yap as Majinbuu

Parkmall's Pick : *Bryan Varron as Tamahome

ABS-CBN's Choice : *Louie Verr Torreon as Lavi (d.grey man)

CANE's Favorite : *Ranrick Diaz as Vincemt Valentine