Wednesday, March 10, 2010

La Belle Aurore

The store is not just about selling books but also sharing the adventure the books tell. At La belle Aurore Bookstore you'd find book titles that are rare at very low prices. Owner and manager JB Lee tells us that over 3,000 book titles are currently available in his shop and is planning to expand as more and more readers are demanding for new book titles every now and then. La Belle Aurore Bookstore is located at Hernan Mandaue City (just beside Jade's Court). You might be asking why name his bookstore La belle Aurore? Jb got it from the classic movie "Casablanca" and find the name very appealing. La belle Aurore is the french word for a beautiful dawn which for Jb is a beautiful start of a business where he sells what he loves; books!

Book prices are from 70php up and are still in good condition!

Books books books! For all who just loves books and cant stop reading 'em! Visit them for great titles and bargains!You can find La belle Aurore Bookstore at Hernan Cortes Mandaue City (Beside Jade's Court). Store hours is from 10am-9pm. You can contact them at 0923-357-9159 or telefax 2380154. Email is La Belle Aurore bookstore's Website is


  1. weeee! Luv La Belle! it's got books from my fave authors - books that I rarely see sold in bookstores at malls...

  2. luv their books too! will definitely go back for the 2nd installment of the book i bought! \m/

  3. Wow.. i never heard of this place.. will definitely visit this place soon.. :)

  4. @Dhon - u should man! great titles for less!