Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Birthday iLearners Inc.

It now has been 2 years since we adopted our first rural educational institution; Lunas Elementary School. Saving their school from closing due to lack of students enrolling because of poverty (parents would prefer their kids to sell candles on churches to put food on the table), my friends and I had decided to continue helping Lunas; putting up a mini library, painting their walls and setting up a media station on one of the rooms in the school are a few projects we have already done for Lunas. 2009 had been a good year for iLearners, now with 4 schools( Lunas Elementary School, Lunas Day Care, Kaluangan Elementary School and Saksak Day Care) adopted and more than 200 adopted students in the rural baranggays of Cebu, we have now reached out to more of our fellow Cebuanos who had been deprived of their chance for a brighter future.

iLearners Inc. on it's 2nd year had a blast at Jollibee Ayala celebrating its birthday inauguration with fellow iLearners! Played games and danced with Jollibee and Hetty! LOL. iLearners Inc is where helping is fun!

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  1. go iLearners!!! more years to us to make more children have a brighter future!! weeeeee!!!