Monday, April 5, 2010

Maribago Bluewater's New Seven

After a gloomy afternoon at BE Resorts Mactan, we then headed straight to another resort in Mactan Cebu, Maribago Bluewaters for the unveling of Maribago Bluewater's The New Seven!

Maribago's New Seven refers to the 7 dolphins of their new resort sculpture which was unveiled by guest of honor Secretary Ace Durano.

The event was attended by media from TV, newspaper and the web. Cebu Socialites were also there to grace the event.

Cocktails and firedancers were there to entertains resort guests and the media.

After the unveiling of New Seven, we then headed to Allegro Restaurant for a sumptuous dinner buffet! I love their lechon de leche and their Ube halaya! :)

For more information about Maribago Bluewaters Mactan you can visit their official website or Maribago Bluewaters Blog


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  2. It was my first time to visit Cebu Philippines last month and it was really fun. It was such a huge, busy and modern city compared of course to where I came from (Cotabato City). It was a 3 days vacation and it wasn’t enough because we had a Cebu - Bohol trip. Both destinations were tourists spots-filled and I’m looking forward to return and visit more awesome places that I’ve seen on TV, internet or blogs like this post. Thanks!:)