Monday, April 12, 2010

PLDT MyDSL Speed Circuit Drifting Exhibition 2010

PLDT MyDSL brings champion drifter Alex Perez and celebrity drifter Ryan Agoncillo for the Speed Circuit Drifting Exhibition 2010 with them are Junior Drifter Gio and Female drifter Pia Boren! It was an exciting Sunday (April 11, 2010) for Cebuanos as BigSeed Media and PLDT MyDSL prepared a line up of drifting activities specially for the Cebuanos and some lucky people even got to ride in drift cars driven by Ryan, Gio and Alex!

Fast and powerful cars drifted and Wowed the audience!

Gio posing for Lingaw Cebu!

PLDT MyDSL celebrity subscriber Ms. Isabel Oli joins in the fun!

Celebrity Drifter Ryan Agoncillo tells Lingaw Cebu that Judy Anne and him went to drifting school together and admits that Judy is way better than him in drifting!

Sexy and Hot Models From M.A.C. also took part in the event!

And of course champion drifter Alex Perez showed off to Cebuanos his talents in drifting and had made fans in the process! \m/

Big thanks to Ms. Jaja Chiongbian-Rama for the invite!


  1. cool! weeee!!! too bad I missed it! LELZ!

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