Wednesday, July 7, 2010

IMAX Cebu Press Screening

The most immersive movie watching experience is finally here in Cebu! is the 3rd IMAX screen in the whole Philippines and the only IMAX outside of Manila! SM City Cebu hosted a Press Screening of James Cameron's Avatar on IMAX Theater Cebu and Cebu Bloggers Society members Doyzkie, Ethelbert, Xerxes, Rabsin, CBS President Vernon, Wilhelmina, Angel and Noe were invited to take part of the press screening!

Why IMAX is better than the ordinary cinema? IMAX's revolutionary projection technology delivers crystal clear images, delivers powerful audio system which delivers laser-aligned sound and finally a customized theater geometry which maximizes your field of view!

Tentative IMAX -Cebu Cinema 4 Schedule for 2010
July 9-14 --Avatar (James Cameron Movie)
July 15 -- Inception 2D (Full IMAX Screen)
August 4 -- Hubble 3D
Sept. 25 -- Legends of the Guardian 3D
Nov. 18 -- Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows 2D
Jan. 08, 2010 -- Tron Legacy 3D

More Camwhoring Pics! LOL


  1. @Ethe- I was hoping for "Despicable Me" to be on IMAX. but i guess it will just be shown over Cinema 3.

  2. Wee. I hope IMAX Cebu is cheaper compared to IMAX in Manila. Hehe. :D

  3. @Boill - lets cross our fingers and toes man! hehe

  4. it was a great experience... I so loved the movie because it got better 3D... weeee!!!

  5. @Shariza- not to mention its for free. hehehe. ;)