Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mr. Gadgeteer needs an Intel i5!

September 9, 2010. It was a sunny Thursday and for those who don't know me, FYI I rarely go out when the sun is still up (am a vampire, sssshhhh)! haha. I was invited to a seminar about choosing the Right PC! The topic instantly made me interested because my lappy(Laptop) and I are like bestfriends! But a busy person like me ,I often open multiple applications from Photoshop to MS office applications and not to mention blogger.com, social networking sites and my recent game installation StarCraft 2 all at the same time. And most of the times waiting can be frustrating!

I definitely am a Gadgeteer and I need a processor that would cope up with my busy lifestyle! As a photographer/Newspaper & Magazine writer/businessman/blogger I need a processor that gives me the capacity to multitask at top speed and allow me to run multiple application without freezing and I think i5 can do the job for me! Well I better save up now so when Intel i5 is available on Laptops I'd be able to grab one! The talk also cleared out some myths about PCs. Like for Photoshop users, you don't need a video card for that since you'd not be dealing on videos, but instead invest on the good processor!

CBS Members who went to the Choosing the Right PC Workshop!

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