Monday, October 26, 2009

Satine Eclipse: Dark Fantasy Photo Exhibit

(Note: All Photos on this blog are taken by me, Doyzkie Buenaviaje. To see CDP's photos for the exhibit, visit Satine Eclipse: Dark Fantasy Photo Exhibit at the Parkmall from October 24-31, 2009)

A Photo Exhibit, organized by Cane Events, that features ACRE International and JPNY Couture Dark Creations worn by ABS CBN Stars and models are photographed by Cebu's most celebrated photography club CDP or Cebu Digital Photographers. Excellent Make up by Jessie Glova and his students.

"Satine Eclipse: Dark Fantasy" photo exhibit will run from October 24-31, 2009 featuring photographs of 9 talented members of CDP, Paul Gotiong, Johan Sisno, Neil Dy, Anne Lorainne Uy, Anchela Yap, Jade Saducas, Paul Banday, Gabe Hortelano and Lemuel Reyes.

Each of the photographers had been assigned 1 model to shoot and photographed the models in their assigned characters. Kat Ros of ABS CBN's KWK is Warrior Goddess and was photographed by Johan Sisno.

ABS CBN's Star Patroler Kara Mae Noveda modeled Alice in Wonderland and captured by Paul Gotiong. Fretzie Bercede was photographed by Gabe Hortelano as Queen of Hearts.

Joseph Teves photographed by Jade Saducas played Dark Mousy. Cara Cagulada modeled female Dante of Devil May Cry was phtographed by Anchela Yap.

Cheska Cagulada photographed by Anne Lorainne Uy played the character of Chun Li. Frances Young who played Chibimoon of Sailormoon was photographed by Neil Dy. Sheda Gabusas who played Tinkerbell was shot by Lemuel Reyes. ABS CBN's MBK host Cathy Aya-ay played Erd of AH My Goddess was shot by Paul Banday!

Catch Cane Events and CDP's "Satin Eclipse: Dark Fantasy" Photo Exhibit from October 24-31, 2009 at the Parkmall! And on the 31st of October, it's halloween so dress up in your fave anime costume and let's cosplay away to Parkmall! Also see the photo exhibit come to life during the Fashion show on the 31st of October 4pm at the Parkmall!


  1. Wowwwww!
    I especially love Fritzie Bercede's photos.
    I love the theme, too! ;)