Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lunch with Bayani

Note: This blog is not an endorsement nor does mean am supporting Bayani Fernando for President. This is a political info blog.

August 28, 2009. 10 Cebu Blogistas from CBS together with various Cebu students groups and youth leaders were invited to have lunch with Former MMDA Chairman and Marikina Mayor, Bayani Fernando at Grand Convention Center Cebu City.

It's good that now, Presidentiables and people planning to get a seat in Philippine Politics invite the youth to listen and get to know their political platform so we'd get to choose wisely of whom to put into power.

A little Info about Bayani Fernando:

A professional Mechanical Engineer. He is the founder of the BF GROUP OF COMPANIES, dealing with construction, steel, manufacturing and real estate. He has built the country’s tallest building, shopping malls, industrial and residential subdivisions and facilities. He is a former Secretary of the Department of Public Works and Highways.

He was a three-term City Mayor of Marikina, who transformed the former municipality into one of the best-managed cities and a paradigm of responsive and effective governance. During his incumbency, Marikina City was accorded 55 citations and distinctions. Read more on his profile!

"Earning, Learning, Yearning" this is what Bayani described of what it means to be happy and "Remove the Daily Hassles" when asked of how to live comfortably. The definition for me is a bit vague and general though, there should have been a follow up answer on how he'd go about on how Bayani would be able to do it.

Illiteracy is one of our country's major problem specially in the rural areas. In Cebu, we have around 890 rural schools (as per DepED) and most of them has an IQ of less than average. Bayani's answer to this is as simple as "Technology." He would hoist a classroom with a helicopter and put it directly in the school lot to prevent corruption. He also said that he would implement to teachers to finish their textbooks before the schoolyear ends to make sure that learning is administed properly. But how would Bayani be able to do that if even the rural schools in Cebu doens't have the current curriculum textbook to read on.

"Technology" is Bayani's answer to the problem of having less quality nurses and teachers in the Philippines, since most teachers and nurses are going abroad to work to earn more money. He would employ and invest in quality education.

Bayani also mentioned on increasing the tax so more funds can be generated for improving our country's situation.

Since time was limited, only a few questions were asked. A few questions answered. A few information gathered. So visit for more info about MMDA CHAIRMAN and MARIKINA MAYOR BAYANI FERNADO.


Kevin Ray Chua, CBS VP and a Mar Roxas supporter, throws a question to Chairman Bayani Fernando.

Cebu Bloggers Society who were attentively listening to Bayani Fernando's answers to questions thrown by Cebu Students and Youths.
Picture Picture with Bayani Fernando.
Bayani's friends and lifeline. hehehe
hehehe. Miniature Urinal/Pen holder Giveaways!

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