Friday, August 28, 2009

Formo Turns 4!

August 21, 2009. The 2nd day of Formo's 4th year anniversary. In line with the anniversary are 4 nights(6pm-10pm) of open bar and launching of 4 new flavors of Mojitos!

Pao was already taking shots of the potato chip muncher when I arrived. I dipped in the photo session and then ate and devoured the FREE and now cold potato chips! LOL.

Ron came in late as usual, but he still was able to enjoy the open bar promo! on the other hand, Onyot, hustler as he is, came in very late as expected and have to buy his drinks because open bar just ended when he arrived! booohooo!

We departy early at around 12am and went to Yellow Cab for some midnight munchies!

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