Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sports Illustrated's Jessica Gomes

It was hot hot Tuesday for me! Jessica Gomes, a Sports Illustrated model, is in Cebu! Raaaawr! A few minutes away from our house, I drove off to Imperial Palace which recently is a fave venue for Korean Music videos. Regina (CDN Writer), Natz (The Freeman Editor), Sir Jess & Sir Alex (Sunstar) and I (CDN Photographer) were there to meet her.

24 years old Jessica Gomes is Australian but is a progeny of a Singaporean mother and Portuguese father. 177cm in Height and weighs 50kgs, she has modeled for DKNY Jeans, Victoria Secret, Vogue, Levi's, Motorolla and Urban Outfitters. She also had modeled in Korea for Class 2X(Beer), LG Bikini Phone, Sonata Transform, Enprani(Cosmetic) and Buckaroo Jeans.



  1. Mag photographer na pud ko bai! Suya na kayu ko! hahaha! :D

  2. @Jan - hahahahah. Lagi! aron daghan na ta photographer sa CBS. hehe

  3. Grabe..sa tagal kong nagbabrowse..ngayon lang ako nakakita ng blog na may cebuanong comment..heheh

    oh well..just want to share this blog Hot Girls. It has more picture of Jessica Gomes..hope you like it.

  4. wow..napansin ko magaling ka pala..=)