Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pearl Talk with Jewelmer!

 Borne from the mysterious depths of the sea, mysterious beauty in one golden orb, Natural Golden South Sea Pearls by Jewelmer.

Jewelmer, the only supplier of Golden pearls in the world, did a talk about how pearls were formed and cultivated. 

What are pearls?
Pearl is an organic gem which means they come from a living organism. Pearls are composed of Nacre, a natural substance produced by mollusks that also coats the inside of the animal's shell.

How are Pearls formed?
Pearls are formed out of the mollusk's response to stimulus. Mollusks forms a sac around any invader. This sac secrets nacre to cover the irritant. 

Natural Pearls are formed in the wild and Cultured Pearls is a result of  human assistance in an otherwise natural process. 

Jewelmer  promises Luster for life! Each South Sea Pearl is composed of thousands of thick, translucent, natural nacre that creates a luster that lasts a lifetime! 

Pearl being the Philippine's National Gem is one of our country's pride and 
Jewelmer had made a commitment of delivering only the best quality pearls 
to the world and the only producer and distributor of natural golden pearls!

Below are some of Jewelmer's very creative and elegant 

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