Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Commemorative Havs!

Havaianas at 5!

5 years of creative customization, Havaianas brought out the creativity of every Cebuano through Havaianas create your very own flip flops! Havaianiticos flocked SM City Northwing for MYOH!

Creating your own is easy!

Step 1: Fill out the MYOH Form

2nd Step: Choose your Sole
As for me , I chose the commemorative black sole!

Step 3:  Choose Your Strap
Since I am Power Ranger Red, I chose the red strap! hahaa


Step 4: Choose your pins and letters


Step 5: Pay for your Havs! ;)

Step 6: Enjoy your Havaianas Creation! :)

My Commemorative Havs! 

Havaianas Fans!



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