Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Race to Reduce Challenge 2010!

Running events had been frequent in Cebu lately. Almost every weekend there is a run, which is good for now Cebu had been health conscious. Race to Reduce Challenge 2010 is a fund raiser for Aboitiz Foundation to support their projects like help raise environmental awareness and saving street children. Aside from the run, photographers can also participate in the photo contest. Prizes also await lucky runners in the raffle!

Race to Reduce Challenge 2010 Registration Details:
21K      - 450php with chips
10K     -350php with chips
3K/5K -250php
            - 300php Late Registrants

Late registration is from August 15-19, 2010 (for 5K and 3K only)

Submission of forms can be done at Columbia SM, Casa Illonga and Runnr Ayala!

Distribution of Singlets will be at the Persimmon Plus, Mabolo on August 16-21, 2010.

Aboitiz's Race to Reduce Challenge 2010 will be on August 22, 2010. Assembly Point is at Sugbu South Reclamation Project, 4AM. Race starts at 5AM!

Running in the race includes Simon Green who had bagged 
medals in running events in Cebu!


  1. how's simon green related to the little boy in your article below? hehehe... jowk!
    agi ko doy.

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  2. @Jabber - hahhahaha. will visit ur blog sad! weee