Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kimmy Dora Press Con!

August 23, 2009. Spring Films' incipient film "Kimmy Dora: Kambal Sa Kiyeme" had a press conference at Castle Peak Hotel Mabolo Cebu City. "Kimmy Dora: Kambal Sa Kiyeme" stars the 38 year old and naturally funny Ms. Eugene Domingo, the newest goddess of comedy.

Bb. Joyce Bernal's first choice to play Kimmy Dora was for real Ms. Eugene Domingo. Talented as Eugene is, both Director Joyce Bernal and Producer Piolo Pascual were confident that Eugene Domingo can pull it off both as Kimmy & Dora!

Direk Joyce Bernal also shared to the press how hands on and dedicated Piolo Pascual is about this project as a producer. Eugene being close to both Ms. Bernal and Mr. Pascual is doing her best to portray the characters and Eugene is very thankful to both the producer and director for the big break!

Eugene Domingo also admitted that she does not act like a Diva because she knows that eveyone on the production team are doing their hardest and it's such a waste of time if you you'd act like a diva. Life's short so be happy and free.

"What is your favorite food?" That was my question for Ms. Eugene Domingo. She loves Dimsum! weee. Now typing that made me crave for some Spring Rolls and Mushroom Siomai! hehe

Piolo Pascual, the super producer, shares the same love for Nilagang Baka with "Kimmy/Dora" Eugene. Piolo Pascual was happy with the outcome of the project and has no regrets with the casting for Kimmy Dora!

Star Patroller Kara Noveda interviewing Mr. Piolo Pascual!

Of course, I wouldn't miss an autograph signing opportunity. hehehe.

Photo Sessions! weeeeeeeeee . And am sooo Oranges and Lemons , that when I stand next to
Piolo Pascual for a photo, my cam exhausted itself with backlog pics! haha! But yeah, pics of me with Ms. Eugene Domingo and Ms. Joyce Bernal. ; )


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