Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Filipino's Symbol of Hope: Cory Aquino

1st of August 2009, 6am in the morning, my CBS friends and I were waiting for the vans who would drive us to Sumilon Drop off point in Oslob for our Sumilon Adventure, Atty. Ethelbert and Greg texted me that our former president Cory Aquino passed away. It's quite sad to loose a person who has been a symbol of hope and peace for Filipinos, specially in our country today who has been sickened with corruption and is getting worse!

After our VUDU- oke Tuesday Party, we offered our prayers and lit some candles for our former President Cory Auino. We may have lost a person who have given the Filipinos hope for change but her memories will live on in every Filipino.

She has brought the country together more than ones, and now the country has been brought back together and sending a message for us Filipinos to be strong & be united, for these would bring us hope to bring change for the good of our country.